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Return Man 2 Unblocked

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Return Man 2 Unblocked is the most interesting online flash games about American football, Unblocked part of famous game Return Man 2. You can play Unblocked version of the second part at our official website. Return Man 2 Unblocked is a flash game played in a stage-by-stage fashion. To keep it to the point, your main focus in this game is to finish each stage by strategically making your way across a football field. Return Man 2 Unblocked Designed to let you experience football without the actual field. You begin the game with only one available level, and you unlock the next one as you pass the current one. Return Man 2 Unblocked will save your progress as you go. Your purpose is to control your character and run him to your goal, (the end zone), where you'll make a big, dramatic touchdown! In the process, you'll manipulate the field and get your teammates to help you as you maneuver your way to the end zone. Keeping a close eye on the kicker, you'll gain special "moves" that can only be unlocked as you move through the field. These moves can be used to help you clear your path and get to the end zone faster. With moves like "Spin", "Speedburst", and "Front Flip", there are endless possibilities as to how each game could go. Your aim is to make it through each stage without being tackled, going out of bounds or fumbling. The faster and more flawlessly done, the better! If you make it through one stage, you'll be given an option to begin the next stage. If you choose to continue, you'll be moved forward onto the next level where you'll be challenged to perform a more difficult task. With 15 difficult stages altogether, you'll have plenty to fill your time with.You'll be given a score and have the chance to look at a scoreboard and compare your talents with other master players. Return Man 2 Unblocked will keep you on your toes - if strategy is for you, this game is too! Play Return Man 2 Unblocked at official website

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